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Posted on May 2, 2012


With the inflow of HGTV shows, it’s not too hard to have the remodeling “bug” bite these days. The Truth in Lending Show featured Jake Schloegel, owner of Schloegel Design Remodel in Kansas City, MO who gave our listeners some great advice about remodeling projects that yield a good return-on-investment (ROI.) Now more than ever, homeowners want to ensure that any money they pour into their homes will only increase the value – all part of a smart financial plan involving your home as an asset.


Increasing curb appeal is one of the best ways to get ROI on your remodeling investment

Remodeling jobs with great ROI

Jake gave us several ideas on projects that improve your home through remodeling, and give you a great ROI:

Increase Curb Appeal During your Remodel

Curb appeal is creating a visual essence around your home that will make those who pass by want to either stop the car right away, or drive by really slowly. Curb appeal can involve anything from your front concrete curbing to the front door and trim around your home. You can spend anywhere from $10 to $15,000 to increase curb appeal on your home. This involves professional landscaping, improving the lighting around the home, painting the home and even updating your front door. By investing in these projects to improve curb appeal, you’ll receive a big return when it comes time to sell your property.

Upgrade the Kitchen To Get ROI on your Remodel

Kitchens are one of the largest focal points of the home – and their influence is growing even wider as open floor plans continue to reign king. Kitchens are being designed as hubs of socializing, entertaining, working – and eating. By having an updated, modern kitchen, you’ll be sure to receive a great return on your investment. Some recommendations to update your kitchen are to replace your counter tops with granite counter tops, upgrade the appliances (stainless steel is the most popular choice), and re-paint or replace cabinets.

Invest in Stairways in a Remodel

Some may never considering investing in a stairway in a remodel, but it’s actually a great way to enhance a home and get back all of the money you poured into it. Consider modernizing your stairways to make a big impact. It will appeal to home buyers who want an updated home. Some ideas are to replace old, wood spindles with iron spindles, and replace carpeted steps and risers with wood and runners.

Add Hardwood Floors in your Remodel

You can’t go wrong with hardwood floors in a remodel. Hardwood floors are timeless and classic. If your home already has hardwoods, consider having them finished and polished. If you are in need of replacement flooring, consider investing in hardwoods. This move will get you a large return on your investment and is well worth the cost.

Remodel a Master Bathroom Suite

Last, Jake suggested that those remodeling the home pour their energy into upgrading the master bathroom suite. It’s a down economy which means money is tight and stresses are high. One of the most popular features being added to homes now is a luxury, spa-like master suite. Rather than spending money on a pricey getaway, or even a spa session, homeowners are finding ways to bring luxury into their homes. A master bath with relaxing tubs, pampering shower heads and even features like heated floors and lots of storage will go a long way.

More about Kansas City Remodeling Experts at Schloegel

We’re thankful that Jake from Schloegel Design Remodel joined us on the Truth in Lending Show and gave us these great tips. Jake’s company provides a variety of services like One Week Bath Concept that completes designer bathroom remodeling jobs in one week, handyman services around Kansas City and Express Custom Kitchens that builds a quality remodeled kitchen in two weeks. His full-service design remodel company is dedicated to seeing a project through idea and concept to completion. Contact them today for your next Kansas City remodeling job.

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