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Posted on May 2, 2012


A few weeks ago, we were privileged to have The Kleiers join the Truth in Lending Show. The Kleiers are featured on the HGTV reality show “Selling New York” and also have released a new book, “Hot Property” which recently hit the shelves.  The Kleiers joined us to share some tips about how to find success in a tough real estate market.


The Kleiers joined us on the Truth in Lending Show

The Kleier’s Tips for Brokers in a Tough Market

The Kleiers gave several tips for real estate brokers trying to find success in a tough market. Regardless of if you sell homes in Kansas City, or New York City, the down market is taking a toll on everyone. Here are some main points they highlighted for the Truth in Lending Show listeners:

Real Estate Brokers Need to Understand Clients

The Kleiers reminded brokers that they need to understand clients. Purchasing a home is a huge financial and emotional investment, and the broker that is sensitive to the emotions and fears involved will have more success.

Real Estate Brokers Need to Offer Quick Response

It’s critical for brokers to respond to people as soon as they call or email – ideally never more than a couple of hours. A broker that never takes more than a couple of hours to respond will find more success than a broker that takes hours, sometimes even days, to return calls and emails.   Be responsive! Get back with people as soon as they call or email you. Every client wants to know that you care about them… that they are a priority to you.

Real Estate Brokers Understand the Investment

Your client isn’t using Monopoly money to buy the home. In most cases, the home you’re showing, or selling, is probably your client’s largest investment. Taking extra care and concern in making sure all details are covered is critical for brokers. Treat the investment as if it were your own money.

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The Kleier’s book Hot Property takes you past the doorman and into the glitz and gossip of Manhattan society. Many readers have loved the book so far, as it’s like another Tabloid that gives you an up-close look at the “rich and famous” of NYC.

Each page is full of the personality and life that Michele, Samantha and Sabrina bring to each episode of Selling New York Season.

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