About The Truth In Lending Show

The Truth in Lending Show is Kansas City’s top radio show on home mortgage. Our radio show covers topics all home owners and home buyers need to hear. Each week we kick off with the latest mortgage rates. We then cover topics that our listeners want to hear. And best of all, we answer questions our listeners submit on-air.

Tune in on Sundays from 4pm to 6pm on 908am or 98.1fm KMBZ Radio in Kansas City.

About Truth in Lending Show

Our show educates listeners about how to secure the best mortgage. But we’re more than mortgage gurus. We look at the whole picture when it comes personal finance. We encourage each homeowner to use the power of the home mortgage as the cornerstone of a personal financial plan.

To give listeners an idea of how to marry their mortgage and financial plan, our show brings in nationally recognized guests to give advice on all sorts of topics. Some of our shows have featured well-known experts like:

We’ve also featured many other great Kansas City-based real estate experts for our on-air radio show.

Hosts of Truth in Lending Show

Truth in Lending Show is hosted by Mark McDougald and Craig Miller. This dynamic duo has years of experience in the industry. The educated hosts provide useful information for homeowners, and interview each guest to get the best advice for each listener. They’re known for “calling out” rip-offs when they see them, such as poor remodeling jobs and unscrupulous lender ploys. They’re on the home buyers side.

mark-mcdougald-truth-in-lendingMark McDougald

Mark McDougald is a nationally-known leader in the Mortgage Industry. He regularly trains employees of Fortune 500 companies on the process of home ownership. Mark is CEO of FirsTrust Mortgage. His leadership has earned FirsTrust an excellent reputation as the third largest independent mortgage company in the Kansas City Metropolitan Market. Mark has orchestrated lending of over one billion dollars in residential mortgages and led FirsTrust to national acclaim. Mark participates in the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and Lenders One, a National Alliance of Mortgage Bankers.

Learn more about Truth in Lending Show host Mark McDougald


craig-miller-truth-in-lendingCraig Miller

Craig Miller is a seasoned mortgage professional with over 11 years of experience. During his career, he has consistently been in the top 2% of Mortgage Planners in the industry. For the second year in a row, Craig has been recognized by the Scotsman Guide as the 8th highest Loan Originator in the United States, as well as number 1 in the state of Missouri. As the Senior Vice President of FirsTrust Mortgage and a Certified Mortgage Planner, Craig consistently originates loans in both Kansas and Missouri. With each individual client he is focused on providing not “just a mortgage”, but a complete mortgage plan, helping them achieve their financial goals far beyond just their home.

Learn more about Truth in Lending Show host Craig Miller

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